Research to explore the future of technology.

We build and release experimental products with high-impact technology like internet of things, machine learning, and blockchains — and we release much of our work open-source.

These challenges yield new discoveries that help us build better products and drive your business into the future.


An open-source protocol for building projects with microservices. Somata allows developers to write code that works together across any environment. A project built with Somata is easier to scale, easier to test, and easier to extend with new components.


An open-source home automation platform. Maia makes it possible to integrate IoT devices from different manufacturers, and control them all with natural language input.


A configurable paywall built with blockchains. Uses the Ethereum blockchain for payment verification and processing, and gives uploaders a sharable link where other people can purchase their content with micropayments.


"Twitter for Things". A central data infrastructure for devices to post and read data. Devices can subscribe to other devices' feeds and run commands based on what they post.

Component libraries

Our code uses a layered, modular style that encourages component reuse and maintainability. That means each of our interfaces and data structures are customizable, flexible, and evolve with your project's requirements. It also means developers love to code inside our projects.

Our own original research

We are constantly experimenting with web infrastructure techniques and creating original research that makes it easier to build new products. Check out more about our team.

Companies from a variety of emerging industries have used Prontotype's technology to improve their business. See how.