Software optimized for your employees.

Our products simplify daily workflow, making work as easy as your favorite app.

The entire suite runs on a data and events system with real-time messaging, notifications, and updates for everyone.


Activity monitoring & event analysis framework.

Track user behavior and business activity in a unified event log. Get a full picture of your organization as you release products with custom visualizations. Learn what your users respond to. Run machine learning and big data analysis on every inch of product use.


Collaborative suite for sales and customer support.

Teams from across your business can work together and communicate seamlessly with other employees and customers. Manage lead development, appointment and class scheduling, or a brand new product experience requiring real time updates and close communication.

Replace your old inflexible CRM with Zamba and make your data come alive.


Effortless meetups, appointments, and deliveries.

Flexible task and ad-hoc planning engine with messaging. What are you tryna do? The easiest way to meet up anywhere, any time. We can white-label and customize the platform for any new business requiring deliveries, customer rendezvous, or other dynamic inter-user interactions.


Develop interoperable systems that run anywhere.

Somata is the open source connective tissue behind every Prontotype project. It allows for service-based architectures that are interoperable across environments. We have already connected web-servers, Occulus, bitcoin, sensors in the internet of things, and more. The protocol has been used to unify systems in Node.js, Lua, Python, Ruby, Go, and Scala.

We can install our products to run in sync with your business infrastructure, with up-to-the-minute ease for every employee and customer. Contact us today to transform your business with a custom integration or deployment. In the mean time, check out some of the businesses we've helped.