The right stuff for the job

Our core team fell in love with technology while studying together at MIT. We are 3 Partners and a growing network of talented professionals in software development, data science, and building businesses from the ground up with technology.

Together we bring to the table...

  • 25 years of combined experience in creating software for web product development
  • 6 degrees from MIT
  • Over 1000 Github stars and other engagement with live open-source software projects
  • Internal groups of robots, system monitors, and automated infrastructure that will start streamlining your company today

Sean Robertson

Sean has spent more than a decade building software, with a special interest in interfaces that enable better interaction between humans and data. He is researching Machine Learning for translating human language to machine commands.

Bryn Waldwick

Bryn wants to make your apps as easy for people to use as possible. He's interested in building systems that help teams work together in a modern, dynamic business. His recent research centers around building apps with public blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Chad Lieberman

Chad is a technology enthusiast with a background in full-stack development, data science, and computational mathematics. His passion for automating the solution to difficult problems led him into the world of web development and he hasn't looked back.

Dana Gorodetsky

Dana focuses on project management, operations, and business development. She brings almost a decade of experience managing relationships and projects with start-ups, multi-national companies, NGOs, and some of the world's leading academic institutions.