Our Team

Sean Robertson

Sean has spent more than a decade building software, with a special interest in interfaces that enable more efficient interaction between humans and data. He studied Computer Science and Cognitive Science at MIT.

Bryn Waldwick

Bryn enjoys working at the intersection of product and UX design. He holds bachelors degrees from MIT in Materials Science and Applied Math with interests in modeling and simulation but has since become obsessed with Javascript.

Code with us

We are seeking talented people to help us create excellent web and mobile applications and businesses. We need help across the technology stack — please email jobs at prontotype.us.

iOS & Android engineers

You are creative and possess a strong sense of interface design. You have built a few apps from scratch and you can demonstrate proficiency with complex UI heirarchies.

Frontend Javascript engineer

You love React but have used it enough to hate parts of it. You can chop a wireframe into a responsive webapp and make it interactive and reactive with a Flux-like architecture.

Backend engineers

You like solving problems with code, and solving them again for scale. You can build a data schema that bends without breaking for the ever-changing needs of a project in progress.

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