ManpowerGroup Global is a Fortune 500 company providing innovative workforce solutions connecting more than 600,000 people daily to meaningful work across a wide range of skills and industries.

Working directly with the VP Global Marketing, our team developed custom assessments and marketing funnels for the company's launch of a new line of services at the World Economic Forum. We continue to support ManpowerGroup in developing and implementing new assessments and integrating the ManpowerGroup Assessments platform with other internal systems. We are in the midst of extending the platform to support languages all over the world.

  • Analysis dashboard for partners & consultants
  • Consumer app with social sharing funnels
  • Open platform API
  • Third party integrations
  • Custom report language generation
  • Internationalization and localization
  • Hogan X is a subsidiary of Hogan Assessments, world leaders in personality analysis. Hogan X was tasked with bringing Hogan's core business to the modern consumer web. Prontotype assisted Hogan X in defining and creating the platform, then built a consumer application for distributing customizable assessments and an analytics application for corporate partners.

    We also designed an extensible data model to enable new analysis and scoring models for experimental new initiatives. The platform will be exposed through a developer API to allow the community to build on top of the core data model.

  • Analysis dashboard for partners & consultants
  • Consumer app with social sharing funnels
  • Open platform API
  • Custom report language generation
  • Level Solar is a residential solar installer from Long Island expanding throughout the Northeast. They needed software to manage their growing customer base and sales team, standardize their sales procedures and employee training methods, and measure the entire process.

    Prontotype helped Level Solar shape their customer process and data infrastructure with apps that served over 100 sales employees. Our software supported Level's business through a period of 400% growth, and collected over 2 million individual data points of prospective solar customer information.

    We also led design of the company's marketing website and created consumer applications to display customers' solar array data and drive loyalty for their brand.

  • App ecosystem for sales employees
  • Analytics dashboards and metrics
  • Consumer applications
  • Custom sales process
  • Customer document collection
  • Tight integration with Salesforce
  • Integration with solar production infrastructure
  • Winsborough Ltd is a leader in HR consulting for executive selection, evaluation, training and development operating primarily in New Zealand.

    Our team worked closely with the Directory of Surveys and the CEO to re-imagine the consultants' workflow from delivering survey projects to writing customized reports. We dramatically improved the user experience of both the administration platform and the end-user survey experience. We also extended the platform so that some administration could be performed by Winsborough's clients, generating a new line of business with a SaaS product.

  • Analysis dashboard for partners & consultants
  • Custom workflow and report editing
  • Engaging UX in consumer app
  • Third-party assessment provider integration
  • Custom report language generation
  • Applied Technology Council (ATC) is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to develop and promote state-of-the-art user friendly engineering resources and applications for mitigating the effects of natural hazards on the built environment.

    Our team re-invented ATC's Hazards by Location website to make searching for design loads more user-friendly and efficient for structural engineers. We managed the ETL process for several years of geographic information systems (GIS) data for hazards from snow to tornado to wind. The new website allows users to view these data in the context of geography with a Google Maps integration.

    We also developed a custom contact flow for ATC to generate more business through selling API access to the hazard loads.

  • Google Maps integration
  • Paid API access to hazard loads
  • US Geological Survey integration
  • SendGrid integration for contact
  • We build startups too.

    Our software and team powers entrepreneurs with a business plan built on technology.

    Venler is a shopping website for browsing inventories across thousands of retailers. Users can watch products for price updates and search for nearby stores where they can purchase products immediately.

    • Responsive Frontend
    • Cross-API Inventory Sourcing

    MDCapsule is a web app for managing the relationship between doctor and patient. We designed and implemented the UI and backend to support scheduling, journaling, medical stat logging, and messaging — all while complying with HIPAA security and architecture requirements.

    • Secure messaging
    • Protocol Design

    ItsMyURLs is a social media aggregator that was experiencing scaling pains. We reengineered the site with our backend development framework and constructed a slim simple frontend with Bootstrap. More recently, we ported the entire user experience to a modern native app.

    • API Optimization
    • Responsive Frontend
    • Reimagined as modern consumer app
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