Our Projects

Somata is the open source connective tissue behind every Prontotype project. It allows for decentralized, service-based architectures — functionally-specific services running together in a cluster of servers, with each service running as its own process. The services discover and communicate among themselves with a registry using ZeroMQ to send messages. The protocol has already been implemented for Node.js, Python, Ruby, Go, and Scala.

VENLER - A shopping website for browsing inventories across thousands of retailers. Users receive daily updates on sales and new products at retailers they follow, and they can search for nearby stores where they can purchase products immediately.

  • Responsive Frontend
  • Cross-API Integration

MDCapsule - A web app for managing the relationship between doctor and patient. We designed and implemented the UI and backend to support scheduling, journaling, medical stat logging, and messaging — all while complying with HIPAA security and architecture requirements.

  • Secure messaging
  • Protocol Design

AsiSeMueve - A publishing platform intended for journalists and bloggers launched in Latin America that ranks content based on crowd-sourced votes. Content creators and consumers interact through a custom article editor, external link submission, commenting, and private messaging.

  • Internationalization
  • Responsive Frontend

SociaLive - An iOS app for organizing and discovering social gatherings. Features include private messaging and invitation systems, real time message boards in each event, and a filterable map of current and upcoming events. Available now on the App Store.

  • Real-time Messaging
  • Location Based Search

ItsMyURLs - Social media aggregator that was experiencing scaling pains. We reengineered the site with our backend development framework and constructed a slim simple frontend with Bootstrap.

  • API Optimization
  • Responsive Frontend

Some of our best work is currently under NDA. However we can provide excellent references and screenshots upon request. In the mean time, check out our private research at Prontotype Labs

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